Our Students

The Culmination of Shared Experiences

The Bachelor of Emergency Management degree from UAF is more than just a piece of paper or a box to check. It’s the culmination of shared experiences, successes, and lessons learned over the course of a lifetime. Not only is this richness gained from UAF instructors, it’s from our students as well.

Our Homeland Security and Emergency Management (HSEM) program students typically have life experiences under their belt. Although some students are fresh out of high school, many of them are already working as first responders or have served in the military. Regardless, the students in this program are naturally curious. They want to dive into the details and solve logistical issues. They have first-hand knowledge and are serving a higher purpose, whether that’s saving lives, protecting cherished possessions, or defending our country. This service-driven life operates under different rules, and presents many opportunities where decisions must be made. Whatever the scenario, it’s unmistakable. The impact is huge.

Students know they are held to a high standard during the UAF HSEM program, and are welcoming of it. The high standard that’s set during their degree program will serve them well as it can help provide them a lifetime filled self-worth, respect, opportunities and, most of all, purpose.

What Our Students Have to Say

Hear directly from our students via the video below and learn first-hand their thoughts about the HSEM program. Additionally, read about a typical day in the life of a few of our students, who describe what it’s like to be a student and a first responder.

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