Tuition and Fees

A huge benefit to students in the Homeland Security and Emergency Management (HSEM) program is that online (distance education) students pay in-state tuition.

Tuition by Course Level

Fall 2015/Spring 2016

Course Level

Online or Resident
(per credit)

Non-Resident *
(per credit)

100 - 200



300 - 400




*Non-resident online classes pay resident (in-state) tuition.

NOTE: All SOM courses are charged an additional surcharge of $35/credit for undergraduate courses (300 to 400-level only) and $68/credit for graduate courses (600-level); these fees are not covered by tuition waivers. Additional UAF fees may also apply.

You can find the complete estimated cost of attendance, including applicable fees, room, and board, for either resident/online or non-resident students on the UAF Tuition & Fees page. For a better idea of tuition expense you can also use the UAF tuition calculator.

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