Economics is the study of social activities concerned with the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services. Nearly all social phenomena and problems have economic aspects, and therefore, knowledge of economic systems and their relations with each other is essential to an understanding of the complex world in which we live.

The department has three undergraduate instructional goals: to provide students with basic tools of analysis and the factual, statistical and descriptive materials they will need to perform their duties as citizens; to introduce economics majors to the various fields of economics to prepare them for positions in business and government and for graduate study; and to offer a course of study suitable for a minor in economics.

Get a Different Perspective

Economics provides a logical way of looking at a variety of problems. The study of economics covers topics ranging from making sound business decisions to tackling some of society's most challenging issues. It is not possible to completely understand business decisions, politics, social reforms, or international relations without an understanding of their economic bases.

The faculty members of the Program of Economics have specialized backgrounds in many areas: economic analysis of societal concerns such as inflation and national output, and the problems of individual companies and consumers, public finance, economic history, econometrics and forecasting, industrial organization, money and banking, international economics, urban and regional economics, labor, microeconomics, oil and energy economics and fisheries economics.

Degree Requirements

The economics degree requirements let your know which classes you'll need to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics or a Bachelor of Business Administration in Economics. You'll also find information on earning a minor in economics.

The Economics BA Degree Map and Economics BBA Degree Map (2014/2015 Catalog) provide road maps of which classes to take in which semester for each degree.

Student Organizations

Students Who Enjoy Economic Thinking

Students Who Enjoy Economic Thinking is an invaluable venue for students to deepen their understanding of the facets and complexities of economics. SWEET brings students from all majors together each week to discuss and debate economic topics. SWEET also hosts a guest lecture series, attracting high-profile speakers from around the nation to UAF.

A specially-selected group of students known as SWEET Scholars studies articles and books written by the movers and shakers of the economic world, analyzing and debating the readings at weekly discussion dinners and on their blog.

More information can be found here, and on the SWEET website. Don't forget to check out the SWEET Scholars blog.

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