Doug Reynolds

Dr. Doug Reynolds

Professor, Economics
Office 219C, Bunnell Building
(907) 474-6531

Curriculum Vitae

Research and Scholarly Interests

Oil and Energy Economics
Natural Gas Pipeline Project costs
Energy History
Hubbert Curve Analysis


1994 Ph.D. Energy, Environmental and Resource Economics, University of New Mexico
1984 BA Mechanical Engineering, Colorado State University


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Books and Chapters

Reynolds, Douglas B., (2011) Energy Civilization: The Zenith of Man, Alaska Chena Publishers. 

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Reynolds, Douglas B., (2003) Alaska and North Slope Natural Gas: Development Issues and U.S. and Canadian Implications, Alaska Chena Publishers .

Other Professional Papers

Reynolds, Douglas B. (1999b).  “Oil Scarcity Should Be a Concern,” USAE Dialogue, Volume 7, number 1, pp. 12-13.

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Reynolds, Douglas B., Robert R. Logan, H. Charles Sparks and Michael Backus, (2002). The Alaskan Natural Gas Transmission System:  An Economic Analysis of Various Pipeline Proposals, Report presented to the Alaska State Legislature’s Joint Committee on Natural Gas. Northern Economic Research Associates,  August 19, 2002.

Rogers, Brian, Douglas B. Reynolds, Jana Peirce, Charles Ermer and Nadine Hargesheimer, (2006) Economic, Fiscal and Workforce Impacts of Alaska Natural Gas Projects, FINAL REPORT; Prepared for Alaska Department of Revenue, Juneau, Alaska; Prepared by, INFORMATION INSIGHTS, INC. Fairbanks, Alaska September 5, 2006.

Zhenhua Rui; Paul A Metz; Douglas B Reynolds; Gang Chen; Xiyu Zhou, (2011).  “Regression models estimate pipeline construction costs,” Oil & Gas Journal; Jul 4, 2011; 109, 14; ABI/INFORM Global,  pg. 120


Professor of Oil and Energy Economics, Alaska
Energy Consultant, Alaska
Assistant Professor Economics, Kazakstan
Mechanical Engineer,  New Mexico  

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