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Professional Development Opportunities for Educators: Take advantage of these amazing courses to upgrade your skills and to fulfill recency requirements.  Our faculty is a group of working professionals who are experts their fields.

If you have taken courses at UAF before, you can register in your student account at UAOnline using the CRNs listed below.
If you have never registered at any UA campus, can create a student account at UAOnline.  This will enable online registration, payment, course changes, grade review and a variety of other services. Open UAonline then follow the directions  to create your student account.
Registration can also be completed at the Summer Sessions & Lifelong Learning secure online registration site or by downloading the In-Person Registration Form. The completed In-Person Registration Form can be dropped off at the Registrar's Office in Signer's Hall or mailed to UAF Summer Sessions & Lifelong Learning, PO Box 757540, Fairbanks, AK  99775.
If you have any questions about the registration process, please contact the Summer Sessions staff for friendly assistance.

Courses beginning in May

Instruction of Infants, Toddlers and Caregivers course (photo)

BIOL/ED F595P-F01 Intro to Alaska’s Birds
May 13–17, 1 credit, CRN 52211/52212
April Harding Scurr, M.S.

ED F624-F01 Foundations of Education in Alaska: From Segregation to Standards
May 20–June 27, 3 credits, CRN 51329
Amy Vinlove, M.A.

Courses beginning in June

ED F595-F02/ED F595-F03 Enhancing Agricultural Literacy for Regular, Gifted and Special Education Teachers
1 credit, CRN 52234/52231
2 credits, CRN 52236/52233 (Additional work required after June 6.)
June 3-6
Marilyn Krause, M.S.

ED F625-F01 Exceptional Learners and Child Development: Individual and Cultural Characteristics
3 credits, CRN 51330
June 16-27 In class
June 30-September 12 Online
Mary O'Connor, M.S.

ED F626-F01 Teaching Reading, Writing, and Language Arts
3 credits, CRN 51331
June 30-July 11 In class
July 13-August 8 Online
Kiane Kardash, M.A.

BIOL F145-F01 Introduction to Field Entomology
June 27-29, 1 credit, CRN 51491 Syllabus
Derek Sikes, Ph.D.

JUST F395-F01 Workshop in Restorative Justice: Implications for Juvenile Justice
June 27 - 29, 1 credit, CRN 51988
Joanne Katz, J.D.

Courses beginning in July

Summer Visual Arts academy ceramics student (photo)

EDSE F632-F71 Special Education Law: Principles and Practices
July 7 – August 15, 3 credits
Classroom CRN 51648
Audio Conference CRN 51647
Philip Patterson, Ph.D.

ED F595P-F03 The Wild Side of Education: Teacher Workshop in Yukon – Charley Rivers National Preserve
3 credits, CRN 52213, Syllabus
July 8 & 10 Morris Thompson Cultural Center
July 18-22 Yukon Charley Rivers National Preserve
July 29 Morris Thompson Cultural Center
Laurie Smith, M.Ed.

ED F595P-F31 Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival: Applied Visual Art
July 13 – 27, 2 credits, CRN 51496
Various instructors

MUS F595-F31 Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival: Educator Enrichment
July 13–27
1 credit, CRN 52016
2 credits, CRN 52017
Vince Cee, Ph.D.

ED F695P-F05 Mental Health Challenges in the Classroom
1 credit, CRN 52483
July 22-25, Syllabus
Shashank Joshi, Ph.D.

JUST F395-F02 Problem Oriented Policing
1 credit, CRN 52465
July 25-27
Robert Duke, Ph.D.

Courses beginning in August

JUST F395-F03 Community Policing:  Workshop in Justice Mediation
August 1-3, 1 credit, CRN 51994
Robert Duke, Ph.D.

EDSE F595P-F01 BE SAFE: Teaching Community Safety Skills to Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder
August 2-7, 1 credit, CRN 52175
Emily Iland

BIOL F195P-F03, Introduction to Alaska's Mammals
August 7-10, 1 credit, CRN 51941 Syllabus
Aren Gunderson, M.S.

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