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When you give to education programs you are investing in the future of our youth, our community, our nation and our world. Your generosity helps to inspire exploration and learning and assists us in providing educational opportunities for our students. Your involvement honors us.

Summer Sessions is funded entirely by course attendance. We feel strongly about quality education. We offer a wide variety of courses to meet the needs of summer students. We understand the investment students make in choosing higher education. The Summer Sessions' mission is to assist and facilitate them in reaching their goals. To the end we offer incentive programs: instate tuition for all during the summer, need-based scholarships, academic options for high school students and a work/study program, Earn and Learn.

Please consider making a donation directed to Summer Sessions and join with us as a partner to continue to bring excellence to the Summer@UAF experience.

To make a gift, please follow the instructions at:

Please remember to specify your gift to Summer Sessions and thank you for your generosity.

Cinematogrpahy course offered during WINTERmester
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