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Our Nanook Grown Garden is Blossoming! 
Hello Everyone! We are the 2018 Nanook Grown Garden and we currently have 6 beautiful garden beds filled with a vast variety of veggies, flowers, and herbs. Our goal is to teach interested UAF students the skills it takes to grow a garden in the extreme climate of Fairbanks. This group is lead by our fearless and knowledgeable leader, Julie Riely, who guides us every week on the proper techniques on nurturing, watering, and tending the garden. Stay updated! Check in around July, when we will be tabling at the Wood Center every Thursday from 12 pm - 2 pm selling our beautiful produce. If you have any questions or are interested in joining, please email Sabina at s.k@alaska.edu

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2018 Nanook Grown Garden group consists of [Top Row] Owen Duffy, Will Swanson, Dinosaur, Niki Jacobs, Sabina Karwowski, Bre Meath, [Bottom Row] Julie Riely, Elizabeth McGlothen, and JR Ancheta. 

Are you staying at UAF over the summer? 

Want to learn how to garden under a group support system?

Then join our Nanook Grown Garden Group, where together we will teach you how to plant, water, nurture, and harvest your own produce!

APPLICATION LINK = https://goo.gl/forms/1A1vz06HC10TWdpQ2

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The best and easiest way you can get involve

today is to join our RISE Board!

Meetings are every other Tuesday at 4:00 pm

on the top floor of the Lola Tilly.

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Go Green at the Blue and Gold!

Welcome back! As you get settled in and prepare to start the academic year, why not consider adding a little green to your life here at the blue and gold? The Office of Sustainability has created a guide to provide you with ideas and resources for doing just that. Inside you will find green living tips, sustainability program details and information about both on and off campus businesses and programs.

Stop by the Office of Sustainability for a copy!



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The UAF Sustainability Plan and is online and available for download!

Click here to download today!


Are you interested in growing your own food, but don't have the space? Do you want to have a garden of your own, but need a little guidance to get started? Check out the UAF Campus Community Garden!


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