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My vision for UAF includes a sustainable campus within a sustainable community.

From the moment President Hamilton appointed me as interim chancellor in 2008, I have been committed to doing my part to help make UAF a more sustainable campus.

The exciting thing is that UAF already had in place a dedicated “green team” of students, faculty and staff who also wanted to achieve that goal. What has happened in terms of sustainability efforts over the last couple of years because of that team is truly remarkable. I consider it to be one of our greatest accomplishments, made all the more exciting by the fact that it has truly been a campus-wide effort.

We’ve accomplished a lot, from the campus-wide implementation of recycling, to growing our own produce for Dining Services, and to the addition of five hybrid vehicles in the UAF transportation services fleet to include two dump trucks. The list goes on, and for me the greatest green star goes to our own students, who in spring 2009 voted to have a $20 fee levied upon all students in the interests of sustainability.


We’ve accomplished a lot, with more to come. Those accomplishments of the future will be achieved in the same manner of the ones to date; by a combined effort of all of us at UAF, working together.

Sustainability on campus is more than just recycling or growing our own food, it is a philosophy and way of life that we should all be living each and every day, from the main campus of Fairbanks to the community campuses of rural Alaska and to each and every place across our great state that UAF has a presence.

Brian Rogers, Chancellor

University of Alaska Fairbanks

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Rogers recognizes students for sustainability efforts:

Rogers highlights sustainability in 2009 convocation address:


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