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Michele Mouton: Director, UAF Office of Sustainability

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UAF photo by Todd Paris.

Michele Mouton is the UAF Office of Sustainability Director. In a unique partnership with the ASUAF/Review of Infrastructure, Sustainability, and Energy (RISE) board, Student Services and Cooperative Extension Service, this position is jointly funded and leverages the resources and missions of all three organizations. 

Mouton's extensive background with the Cooperative Extension Service and sustainability paired with her dynamic and engaging leadership style make a winning combination. Mouton will work with the ASUAF RISE board to facilitate sustainable projects funded by the Student Initiative for Renewable Energy Now (SIREN) fee and Chancellor Rogers.

Furthermore, Mouton will facilitate dialogue and campuswide programs that build upon UAF’s commitment to sustainability.

Her experience in providing Extension services, organizing conferences and leading outreach programs, grant and philanthropic activities, and her publication record will ensure success while building partnerships throughout the Fairbanks community. Mouton began her new role on August 30, 2010. Please e-mail Michele at if you have questions or an idea to share

Michele's other Cooperative Extension programs:

The Sustainable Agriculture Program promotes ecologically sound agricultural practices and sustainablility in rural communities. Supporting research and educational programs aids this. Farmer Rancher grants are available for established businesses to improve sustainability. Learn more at

Composting in Alaska is possible and happening all over the state from the Arctic to the southern coastal communities. Composting is a successful method for reducing waste and producing a marketable product. An online booklet contains project summaries from around the state. Michele hopes you glean information to make your composting project successful.

Christi Kemper: Staff Assistant

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Christi Kemper  has been providing fiscal & administrative support to the Office of Sustainability since June 2013; in the past she has worked a variety of jobs in the fields of natural health, higher education and aviation maintenance. She came to Alaska in 2010 to attend graduate school at UAF after earning degrees in history & anthropology in Colorado and never left! Her interest in sustainability started many years ago when she worked in a natural & local foods store and is heavily intertwined with her interests in self-sufficient living and food production.  Christi loves owls and likes to spend her free time gardening, knitting, cooking, playing music, doing karate, crafting and hiking or otherwise exploring the great outdoors utilizing snowshoes, skis, or kayak.

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