Office of Sustainability Student Staff

Hannah Hill works at the UAF Green Bikes program, fixing bikes & renting them out to students.She thinks It's the best job ever. In her spare time she volunteers in the local art community & publishes Fairbanks' longest running 'zine W/OMP

Michelle Sutton with Green Bikes program

Michelle Sutton is excited to be a part of the Green Bike Sustainability program at UAF. During her first year at the University, she was drawn towards the field of Wildlife Biology.

With an interest in her impact on the environment and a need to share her knowledge with her fellow students, she felt at home in the sustainability program at UAF. Getting bikes out to students and on the road is a thrilling prospect and Michelle is honored to be able to play a part.

Rodney Carpluk is a recycler and assistant bike mechanic. He was born in Bethel, Alaska and lived a few years in a small rural village before moving to Fairbanks to go to school. He is currently studying biology and physics. Rodney loves to go hiking, camping and also enjoys playing various recreational sports. He enjoys working with the recycle program because it is so rewarding to be able to help out the environment on a daily basis.

Bev O'Donnell

Iris Fabrizio first attended UAF in 2005 before the Office of Sustainability had been created. When she returned in the fall of 2013 she was excited to see the sustainable efforts and the progress that the office had made at the UAF campus. She was eager to become a part of the team as an Office Assistant and get involved with these sustainable efforts in her community. She helps with various tasks and projects, including website maintenance and event planning. Iris is pursuing a Bachelor's in the Natural Science's and hopes to one day understand natural world and help others to understand our relatioinship with our environment. In her free time she enjoys creating art, reading, writing, arithmetic, traveling, the outdoors and fantastic adventures. Her interest in living a sustainable life began at a young age, growing up in the wilderness with an immediate awareness of our impact on our environments, and the effects of our choices. 

Erik Williams, Sustainability Master Plan Student Liaison
Was an active RISE Board member for 1 year, hired in December 2013.
Civil Engineering Major, interested in green housing and design.
Sustainability is what sets life apart from just being a pile of matter. The ability to survive and thrive is the reason there is life so diverse and dispersed though every niche on this beautiful planet. Humans are just now beginning to realize the importance of sustainability, from keeping their communities clean, to their businesses profitable. I believe the genesis of sustainable ideas and mindsets are becoming the zeitgeist of our future!

I enjoy all.

Mary Ludolph (Public Outreach Coordinator) is new to the Office of Sustainability. She is very excited to be working on event planning and garnering public support for the office, since it directly relates to her future career goal of opening up her own non-profit organization, a therapeutic performing arts center for military children. In order to have a solid foundation on which to build her future organization, Mary is double Majoring in Business Management, and Theater Teaching. In her free times, she enjoys hiking, fishing, archery, swimming, dance, baking, pretending to know how to surf, and playing in the snow. Mary’s main interest in sustainability is keeping our oceans free of debris, and lessening consumer waste by encouraging everyone to utilize reusable products.

My name is Josh Pharris and I am a Recycling Program Representative at the Office of Sustainability.  I have been employed since November 8th when I began my work collecting recycling from all the buildings and dorms on the campus.  I am a Linguistics Major, and I want to work as a professor or translator, or something to do with languages.  I am interested in getting people to recycle properly, and helping people put the right, non-foodstained recycling in each bin. I like to read and study languages in my free time.

My name is Dallon Knight and I am a bicycle mechanic with OoS. I have worked here since May 2013 and have been in Alaska since August 2012. I am a chemistry major here at UAF and plan on being a pharmacist. I love to ride bikes, fish, hang out, and play board games. Working at OoS has been fun. It is great to be able to help people with their bikes, and give those who don’t have a bike something to ride.

Isaac Peacock

Jeff Hennigh

Alexander (Xander) Bergman was pleased to be hired during the summer of 2011 to assist with UAF’s first ever Carbon Footprint Report and the Nanook Grown Student Farm. With interests in ecology and the field of Natural Resources management in general, he enters the campus scene fresh from the creation of a recycling program at his high school, West Valley. Alexander is also a volunteer at Calypso Farm and Ecology Center and Turning Light Farm.

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