UAF EPA Campus RainWorks Challenge Design Competition

About the Challenge

Fall 2014 UAF is hosting an EPA RainWorks Challenge. This is a competition where university students compete to design innovative green infrastructure systems to manage campus stormwater i.e surface runoff from rain and melting snow. UAF prizes are awarded to winning students and faculty. Registration begins September 2, 2014. Interested teams will also have the opportunity to submit their entry into the EPA competition to compete for up to $2000. Visit the EPA Campus RainWorks Challenge site here.

Green infrastructure is a way of building or landscaping that provides methods for environmentally dealing with stormwater. Examples of green infrastructure include rain barrels, rain gardens, green roofs, permeable pavers, and an array of rainwater harvesting systems for non-potable uses such as gardening, lawn irrigation, and even toilet flushing.

In this competition, college students become part of these solutions and learn about stormwater and green infrastructure. Interdisciplinary student teams will work with faculty advisors and be given a set of site plans, green infrastructure recommendation manuals and competition guidelines. Teams will be asked to use these resources to design a campus green infrastructure. Participants may choose between two different project categories: a master plan entry, or a demonstration entry. The master plan entry would show how green infrastructure could be incorporated in the broad scheme of things all over campus. The demonstration entry would focus on a green infrastructure project at a specific site. The UAF competition will follow the US EPA Guidelines (


Competition Timeline

Competition Announced August 15,2014
UAF and EPA Registration Opens September 2, 2014
Registration Closes October 3, 2014
Green Infrastructure Info Session October, 2014
Entry Submission Closes November 11, 2014
Presentatin of Submissions November 18, 2014
Contest Winners Announced November 19. 2014
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