Past Proposals

Archive of Funding Requests:

School Year 2013-2014            Fall 2013             Spring 2014

School Year 2012-2013            Fall 2012             Spring 2013

School Year 2011-2012            Fall 2011             Spring 2012           Summer 2012

School Year 2010-2011            Fall 2010             Spring 2011           Summer 2011

School Year 2009-2010            Fall 2009             Spring 2010

Past Proposals Overview by Year

Efficient Motor for Cold Weather Electric Snowmachine
Human Powered Bikes
Sustainability Enhancement for Chemistry 103 (Faculty Proposal)
Sustainability Enhancement for Chemistry 103 (Faculty Proposal)
Sustainable Food Waste Management
Hybrid Electric Busses for UAF
Firehouse Solar PV Phase 2
UAF Community Garden Expansion
Bike Shelter for MBS Dorms
Fostering Sustainable Growth within Sustainable Village
Expanding Dorm Recycling
Process Technology Shop Sustainability (Wind and Solar Power)
Sustainable Village Garden
Green Bikes Program
Cutler In-Apartment Recycling Infrastructure
Replacement of Energy Inefficient Heat Circulation Pumps in the Chandalar Faculty Housing
Geotea Compost Tea System
Dashboard Monitor Installation
Operation Eco Challenge
P3: People, Prosperity and the Planet Student Design Competition for Sustainability
Shell Eco Marathon
Clean Snowmachine
Zero Emission Electic Snowmobiler for Competition and Research Use
Car Sharing
Electric Carts for UAF Sustainability
Green Dorm Model Room
Campus Wide Computer Shutdown
Expanding the Green Bikes Program
SRC Solar PV Project Phase III
Battery Manufacturing Research
Cutler Energy Conservation Project
Glass Pulverizer
Fairbanks Local Shopping / Restaurant Guide
Kids Involved in Conservation (KIIC)
Student Generated Sustainability: Continuous Feedback and Analysis to Inform Collaborative Sustainability at UAF
UAF Student CSA Share Plan
Compensating Hardworking Board Members
'Cryodiversity' at the University of Alaska Museum: Maximizing Cold Storage Energy Efficiency at the World's Second-Largest Frozen Tissue Collection
SCTF Initiative for Efficient Vending
Interactive Dashboard
Honors Program Energy Saving Sustainable Appliances
Carbon Emissions Inventory
Car Thermostats
Phase 2: SRC Solar PV Project
Education ft. Building Leadership Skills for UAF Students via Power Shift Conf.
Battery Manufacturing
EPA P3 Support
Battery Manufacturing Research
Roofable Stabling for UAF Bikes
Pellet Stove for Both Climbing Parks
Improving Recycling in Dorms
Resource Usage Display at Sustainable Village
Sustainable Village Solar PV Project Phase II
Water Bottle Filling Stations
Improving Sustainability at Hess Village Student Apartments
Recycling and Repurposing Glass and Workshops
Green Bikes Program
UAF Campus Community Garden
Campus Conservation Nationals: Dorm Energy Competition
Nanook Grown
Post-Consumer Composting: Lola Tilly and Wood Center
Clean Water Bottle Filling Stations for SRC
University Firehouse Photovoltaic Panels
Sustainable Village Photovoltaic Panels
Replacement of Old Laboratory Refrigerator with New Energy Efficient Refrigerator
Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certification
UAF Chukchi Energy Efficiency
Invasive Plant Mangement and Outreach Student Position
Bi-Annual Sustainable Art Show
Water Bottle Test
SRC Solar PV Project Phase I - Prescripive Specs
UAF Sustainable Food Systems Inquiry
LED Installation in the Facilities Services Greenhouse
Replacement of Aging Refrigeration Equipment with Modern Efficient Environmentally Friendly Equipment
Environmentally Sustainable E-Textbooks for Student Education
The Benefits of LED and Xenon Lights in the Greenhouse
Applied Hydrogen Generator for Improved Efficiences and Emissions
Electric Snowmobile
Cutler Conservation Project
Library Microfiche and Microfilm Recycling Program
Phase 2: Electric Shuttle Van
UAF Green Bikes
Horses for Clean Water
Sustainability for Student Housing
Waste Oil Kiln Project
Shuttle Van Conversion Project
Parking Thermostat Program
Recycling Project
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