Sustainability Art Show

About the Show

The Office of Sustainability in partnership with the UAF Art Department sponsors a Sustainability Art Show twice a year. It highlights alternative uses for materials that would otherwise end up in the landfill. From trash to art, we bring you an opportunity to display your innovation, imagination, and ability to recycle and reuse! 

Check out photos of 2012 entries from the spring show.

UAF believes that waste can be a creative source for art and manufacturing. The goal of the sustainability art show is to promote local artist and industries that use recycled and repurposed materials in creative ways. This type of event will help reshape these “waste” materials into viable products, job creation and finally a responsible solution for much of our waste stream.

Spring 2014

April 10-17

"Ptarmigan in the Round" - Erin Gingrich
"A Trodden Namesake" - Alexander Bergman
"Sun Dress" - Sarita Spindler
"Gourmet Dining" - Eugene Cole
"Old Soul" - Erin McGroarty
"Service Dog Graduates" - Judy Morotte
Untitled - Stacey Howdeshell
"Bottle Caps" - Aaron Steven Dotson
"Protest" - Marlys Schneider
"Trash to Art Spirit Bear" - Guest Artists Effie Kokrine Early College Charter School
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