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Results of the SRC Solar PV Project Survey

199 people have been surveyed as of 11/28/2010


Click each heading below to see graphical representations of demographic and yes/no questions.


What is your UAF affiliation?

Each semester all students pay a 20 dollar sustainability fee. Did you know that this was created by the Student Initiative for Renewable Energy Now (SIREN) voted on in Spring 2009?

Do you want to see UAF become a model for sustainability in the far north?

Are you interested in knowing more about the Solar PV SRC Project?

Are you supportive of renewable energy projects on UAF's campus?

Did you know that the UAF Chancellor has committed to matching the SIREN fund and that over the next 10 years it will generate 5 million dollars for sustainable projects, energy efficiency upgrades and renewable energy integration on UAF's campus?

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