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UAF Sustainable Village Design Seminar Series

September 18- October 21 2011

Options for credit: Individual Study, Internship (GEOG/NRM 300), or Honors Contract

1-6 Undergraduate or Graduate Credits.

The UAF Office of Sustainability, in partnership the Cold Climate Housing Research Center is sponsoring a Sustainable Village Seminars Series to help support the teams participating in the design competition. These seminars will help increase the knowledge and awareness of students in holistic sustainable design principals.   A credit options is available and contingent upon attending a minimum of15 hours. The last Saturday class is mandatory

The seminars will cover a broad range of northern design topics including: Building Science and Technology, Energy and Alternative Energy Systems and Infrastructure, Appropriate Sustainable Design of Building and Communities, Food systems and Permaculture and Current Research Efforts at the Cold Climate Housing Research Center. CCHRC’s research topics include rainwater catchment, green roofs, heat pumps, solar PV panels, innovative wall and foundation systems, masonry heaters, passive refrigeration and alternative waste management systems.

Seminar Objectives:

1. Enable students to gain experience in the foundations of sustainable design and become future leaders in the green building movement.

2. Provide a channel of communication between UAF and the design and construction industry.

3. Recognize and award students for their creativity, innovation and commitment to green building and sustainable design.

4. Broaden UAF curriculum to include sustainability and build a stronger, more diverse campus sustainability community


The UAF Sustainable Village Seminars/Course Agenda will consist of a series of lecture, question and answer sessions, tours and teamwork sessions. The rules of the competition, an introduction to sustainable communities and a tour of the Cold Climate Research Center will be part of the first session on September 17. The Office of Sustainability will direct the seminars. The seminar series is designed for both undergraduate and graduate study either through Individual Study, Internship (GEOG/NRM 300), or Honors Contract.

How to sign up

There are 3 ways to take the course:

1) Students in Natural Resources Management and Geography can take the class as an internship.  NRM/GEOG 300, (CRN 34832) are variable credit courses. The number of credit hours that will be earned by the student intern is established prior to the initiation of the internship. This number ranges from 1-3 credits per semester. Several considerations enter into establishing credit for the internship: current credit hour load, number of contact hours per week the student can realistically complete, amount of time the Cooperating Supervisor can spend with the intern, and the objectives the student intern desires to achieve during the internship. Download the Internship Handbook (hot link to handbook) for additional information and sign up forms.  

2) Honors students can take the course as a HONORS Research Course CRN 75175. HONR F498 or through an honor’s contract. 

3) The Individual Study option is available for graduate students and for any interested student who is NOT a Geography, NRM, or Honors student. Student interested in individual study will need to fill out a completed Individual Study Approval form with an attached syllabus to the Registrar’s Office with an Add/Drop or Registration form. Nonhonors students may also take HONR F498 with permission. Individual study approval forms are also available from the Office of the Registrar. Have it signed by your instructor and department head from the department in which the course is being taught, and turn it in with your registration or add/drop form. Individual study course numbers end in -97. The Office of the Registrar will assign the course reference number for an individual study course after you register for your other classes.

For information contact Michele Hebert, Office of Sustainability Director 907-388-6085, .

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