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Fall 2005 Proposals

1 Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Mulit-Colored 3-D Active Images vs. Scrawled Equations

Department of Mechanical Engineering
Digital Imaging Equipment for Materials Characterization

3 Department of Petroluem Engineering
Two way distance delivery of petroleum engineering courses between Fairbanks and Anchorage

Music Department
Smart Cart for the Arts

Department of Foreign Languages
Foreign Languages Multimedia Enhancements

Music Department
Digital Music Department Project


Journalism Department
Extreme Alaska Basestation Computer

8 Art Department - Sculpture Class
UAF Sculpture Department TIG/Stick Welder

Journalism Department
Computer for dealing with and storing large images for Photojournalism and Ink Jet Printing classes
10 Journalism Department
Lenses to Complete Digital Camera Kits for Photojournalism Students
11 Art, Journalism Departments
Digital Imagaing Lab Enhancement
12 Theatre Department
Permanent Theatre Projector
13 Theatre Department
Wireless Audio Enhancement for Video
14 English Department
Technical Support for UAF Student Use of the MIT Shakespeare Video
15 Art, Journalism Departments
Native Art Center and Painting Studio Enhancement
16 Fisheries division / Juneau Center
Poster printer and software for the Juneau Center School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences
17 Department of Geology and Geophysics
Blanket wireless coverage for the Natural Sciences Building
18 Departments of Physics, Geology and Chemistry
NSF Classroom, Teaching Laboratories and Conference room Projector Upgrade
19 Departments of Biology and Wildlife
Measurement of photosynthesis and respiration for the biology classroom
20 Interior-Aleutians Campus
Student Use Computer Equipment at the McGrath Center
21 Ethnology Department
Digital Imaging Station for Ethnology & History Department at the UA Museum of the North
Broadcast Automation System for KSUA-TV
23 Sun Star
Sun Star Equipment Upadate and Renewal
24 Wood Center
inLighten Mulimedia Communication Program
25 Career Services
eCampus Recruiter Upgrade in the Dept. of Career Services
26 Instructional Technology
Teaching with Technology in the Content Areas (TTCA)
27 Division of Computing and Communications
Computing & Communications Public Labs - supplementary funding Software

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