Past Proposals

All funded requests for Fall 2011:

Rank Title Author Department Fund Type
1 Slide Scanners For Library Checkout Chris VanDyck Library - Info Svcs - Media Fully Funded 
2 Replacement Carbon Rod Holder Assembly for Edwards Carbon Coating System Sarah Henton, Owen Neill (graduate students) Department of Geology & Geophysics (AIL) Fully Funded 
3 Parts for a student designed and built aircraft competition Samuel Brewer Student Aeronautics Group Fully Funded 
4 Visualization Technology for the Remote Sensing Group Torge Steensen Remote Sensing Group, Department of Geology and Geophysics Fully Funded 
5 Sun Star Reporting tools and technology Heather Bryant The Sun Star Fully Funded 
6 Digital camera equipment upgrade for art students Carol Hoefler Art Department Fully Funded 
7 Student Workstations and Software for UAF Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility Thomas Green Chemistry & Biochemistry Fully Funded 
8 Computer Upgrade for Permafrost Literary Magazine Christie VanLaningham Permafrost Magazine / English Fully Funded 
9 Dynamometer Software Samuel Brewer Clean Snowmachine Competition Fully Funded 
10 Engine exhaust gas analyzer Samuel Brewer SAE clean snowmachine competition Fully Funded 
12 Electric Vehicle Control System 2 Isaac Thompson SAE uaf student chapter/EE Fully Funded 
13 Camcorder Slider Dolly Carol Hoefler Art Department Fully Funded 
14 Alternate Energy Sources for Shell Eco Marathon Competition Yanhong Gu Mechanical Engineering Fully Funded 
15 Microscope Upgrades for Biology & Wildlife Teaching labs Denise Kind Biology and Wildlife Partially Funded 
16 New computer for Geology/Geophysics department Eric Hutton Geology/Geophysics Partially Funded 
17 Advanced Safety Technologies in Wood Working Da-ka-xeen Mehner Art Department/Native Art Center Partially Funded 
18 Gel Documentation Imaging System for UAF CORE faculty Kara C. Hoover UAF DNA CORE/Anthropology Partially Funded 
19 UAF Support for Public Computing Labs, Academic Software Tools, Smart Classroom Julie Larweth OIT for Fall 2011 and Spring 2012 (Annual Request) Fully Funded 
20 Critical Server Replacement in Geology and Geophysics Chris Wyatt Geology and Geophysics Not Funded 
21 Music Education Lab Equipment CMENC Officers UAF CMENC (Collegiate Music Educators National Conference) Not Funded 
22 UAF Art Gallery light fixture upgrade Carol Hoefler Art Department Not Funded 
23 Lithium Battery Pack for Clean Snowmobile Challenge Karlin Swearingen SAE uaf student chapter/ME Not Funded 
24 Automatic Film Applicator Adam Bernardi SAE Not Funded 
25 Noyes Computer Lab Upgrade (Computer replacement) The Noyes Lab Committee Physics Not Funded 
26 Renewing the Museum Imaging Lab Infrastructure Angela Linn and Sam Coffman Museum Not Funded 
27 Innovative Technology For The Alaska Media Arts Center Proposal Online Form Michael Schurz Film Not Funded 
28 Turbo and Shop Shop Supplies Robert Russell SAE UAF Student Chapter Not Funded 
29 Brushless Motor and Speed Controller Shanti Ponchione SAE UAF Student Chapter Not Funded 
30 Lightweight Chassis Tube Bender Neil Ollenburger SAE UAF student chapter Not Funded 
31 Scanner for MFA Art Photo Studio Alice Bailey and Ryota Kajita Art Department MFA Program Not Funded 
32 Easy-to-Weld Aircraft-Grade 4130 Alloy Steel Shanti Ponchione SAE UAF Student Chapter Not Funded 
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