Past Proposals

All funded requests for Spring 2007:

Rank Title Author Department Fund Type
1 Welding technology Hanna A. Stevenson ART-Sculpture department Fully Funded 
2 Statistical and GIS software and hardware for teaching/research in archaeology Ben A. Potter Anthropology Fully Funded 
3 Permafrost Computer & Software Upgrade Brian Keenan Permafrost Fully Funded 
4 Ceramics Technology (take 2) Jim Brashear Art Fully Funded 
5 Digital Petrographic Microscope Interface for Petrography and Economic Geology Bill Witte Geology & Geophysics Fully Funded 
6 Equipment Parts for Southbend Metal Lathe J. Leroy Hulsey Steel Bridge Student Projects/CEE Fully Funded 
7 Increasing Biochemistry Teaching Capacity through Access Grid Node Technology Thomas B. Kuhn Chemistry and Biochemistry Fully Funded 
8 Visual PVT Cell for Phase Behavior Studies of Alaskan Heavy Oils Abhijit Dandekar Petroleum Engineering Fully Funded 
11 Canon 30D Cameras, etc. for Photojournalism Students Charles Mason Journalism Dept. Fully Funded 
13 Davis Concert Hall Wireless Intercom Chad Stadig Music Department Fully Funded 
14 Computer Projector for Duckering 347 H. Ed Bargar Mechanical Engineering Department Fully Funded 
15 Concert Hall Video System Power Sequencer Chad Stadig Music Department Fully Funded 
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