UAF Syllabus Requirements

Passed May 3, 2004
UAF Faculty Senate Meeting #123

Syllabus Requirements for all UAF courses:
Download a PDF copy. (Updated May 2013; minor edits to format July 2015 and August 2016)
Note: Link in the PDF to optional Title IX statement is outdated.  The current link is:

The Faculty Senate curriculum committees will review the syllabus to ensure that each of the items listed below are included. If items are missing or unclear, the proposed course (or changes to it) may be denied

Syllabus Examples

Syllabus CHECKLIST for all UAF courses

During the first week of class, instructors will distribute a course syllabus. Although modifications may be made throughout the semester, this document will contain the following information (as applicable to the discipline):

1. Course information:

__Title, __number, __credits, __prerequisites, __location, __meeting time
(make sure that contact hours are in line with credits).

2. Instructor (and if applicable, Teaching Assistant) information:

 __Name, __office location, __office hours, __telephone, __email address.
3. Course readings/materials:
  __Course textbook title, __author, __edition/publisher.
  __Supplementary readings (indicate whether __required or __recommended) and
  __any supplies required.
4. Course description:

 __ Content of the course and how it fits into the broader curriculum;

 __ Expected proficiencies required to undertake the course, if applicable.

 __ Inclusion of catalog description is strongly recommended, and

      __ Description in syllabus must be consistent with catalog course description.

5.   __ Course Goals (general), and (see #6)

6.   __ Student Learning Outcomes (more specific)

7. Instructional methods:

 __ Describe the teaching techniques (eg: lecture, case study, small group discussion, private instruction, studio instruction, values clarification, games, journal writing, use of Blackboard, audio/video conferencing, etc.).

8. Course calendar:

__ A schedule of class topics and assignments must be included. Be specific so that it is clear that the instructor has thought this through and will not be making it up on the fly (e.g. it is not adequate to say “lab”. Instead, give each lab a title that describes its content). You may call the outline Tentative or Work in Progress to allow for modifications during the semester.

9. Course policies:

 __ Specify course rules, including your policies on attendance, tardiness, class participation, make-up exams, and plagiarism/academic integrity.

10. Evaluation:

 __ Specify how students will be evaluated, __ what factors will be included, __ their relative value, and __ how they will be tabulated into grades (on a curve, absolute scores, etc.)
__ Publicize UAF regulations with regard to the grades of "C" and below as applicable to this course. It is not required to publish the info in the syllabus, but it is a convenient way to publicize this to students if applicable to your course.

11. Support Services:

 __ Describe the student support services such as tutoring (local and/or regional) appropriate for the course.

12. Disabilities Services:

The Office of Disability Services implements the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and ensures that UAF students have equal access to the campus and course materials. __State that you will work with the Office of Disabilities Services (208 WHITAKER BLDG, 474-5655) to provide reasonable accommodation to students with disabilities. 

For more information contact Disability Services at, 474-5655 or by TTY at 474-1827

5/21/2013; 07/28/2015; 08/24/2016

Optional Syllabus Statement re Title IX Disclosure to Students

Optional Syllabus Statement regarding Title IX Disclosure may be found at:

(The link above goes to the Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity web site; scroll down to "Language for syllabi" section.)

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