Flier templates are available as Adobe InDesign and PDF, and Microsoft Publisher, PowerPoint and Word. Download and install Adobe or Microsoft applications from the OIT Software Center.

Note: Download templates by right-clicking on the download link and saving the file to your computer so your browser doesn't attempt to open the file directly. InDesign, Publisher and Word flier templates are downloaded as a compressed zip file. To extract zip file contents, once downloaded, right-click the zip file and select "Extract All" for Windows, or double-click for Macs.

Adobe InDesign fliers

InDesign flier 1

InDesign flier 2

InDesign flier 3

InDesign flier 4

InDesign flier 5

InDesign half-sheet flier

Adobe PDF fliers

PDF flier 1

PDF flier 4

PDF flier 5

Microsoft Publisher fliers

Publisher flier 1

Publisher flier 3

Publisher flier 4

Microsoft Word fliers

Word flier 1

Word flier 4

Word flier 5

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