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Student and Faculty Funding

  • Six times each year, URSA awards funding to undergraduate students to support research projects as well as travel to conferences to present their work.
  • Faculty members may apply to our Mentoring award opportunity each fall to receive funding to support development and implementation of undergraduate research opportunities.
  • All UAF staff, students, and faculty are eligible to apply for Innovative Technology and Education awards once each spring.
  • In 2016, URSA awarded nearly $300,000 in funding.
  • 41% of all UAF undergraduate students to participate in research during their time at UAF.
  • We are always willing to help with any part of the process. Please stop by the office, email or call. We have a notebook of previously funded applications available in the office that you are welcome to stop by and view. We do not make copies or email them.

A new calendar for Academic Year 2018 - 2019 will be available in late May.

Current award opportunities:
Summer Travel  - for July and August 2018
Fall Projects - for fall semester
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