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Please note - this is the ONLY time URSA will be awarding funding for mentoring projects during the Academic Year 2017. We will no longer accept requests at other times.


Full-time UAF faculty members, postdoctoral researchers and graduate students from all disciplines and campuses are eligible to apply for awards of up to $7,500 for undergraduate research learning opportunities. Funding options include; travel, supplies and/or services to help support undergraduate research initiatives. Those receiving awards must complete an evaluation in order to remain eligible.

Funds must be spent by June 30, 2017.

Faculty are limited to two awards every three years. This policy allows for a greater number of individuals to receive awards.

Mentoring RFP



Award Schedule

Mentoring September 19, 2016 October 16, 2016 November 4, 2016


      Dallon Knight and Dr. Sarah Hayes

Scoring Criteria

Applications will be reviewed based on the following criteria:

  • Purpose of the activity or purchase with respect to potential for mentor development or undergraduate research as a result of the funding.
  • History of undergraduate student mentoring or a desire to initiate mentoring activities.

Is the purpose of the proposed expenditure:

  • to support/create a multi-student, repeating, research opportunity for undergraduates
  • to support/create a one-time multiple student research opportunity for undergraduates
  • to present at an undergraduate workshop
  • to attend a workshop or acquire training that will facilitate undergraduate research
  • to support one student, one time
  • not clearly expressed

The following qualities will be evaluated on a scale of 1–5, where 1 is high and 5 is low:

  • the intellectual merit of the proposed project or travel
  • the potential for the proposed project or travel to make a scholarly contribution to an academic discipline
  • the potential for the proposed project or travel to bring about an improvement in higher education at UAF (and beyond)
  • the written quality of the proposal

The following will also be considered in the evaluation of proposals:

  • the applicant articulates clear goals and/or expected student learning outcomes of the project or travel
  • the applicant, through articulate writing and inclusion of detail, makes a compelling case for funding the project or travel
  • the applicant articulates a clear mentoring philosophy and plan
  • the applicant proposes an appropriate budget for the project

Selections will be made by the URSA Review Panel.



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