URSA F492P Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Activity Seminar II

1 credit; times as arranged with instructor

Course description: This is a once-weekly seminar for undergraduate student researchers provides them a venue for presenting their research and learning about peer research at UAF. Instruction on effective seminar preparation and delivery is given by the instructor or guest expert. Example seminars may be given by graduate student researchers. The majority of presentations are given by students who present their active or proposed research.  Each enrolled student is required to present one research seminar as well as attend the weekly presentations and complete evaluation forms. Seminars will vary in length from 10 to 60 min. Multiple seminars may be given in a single class meeting. In addition to facilitating the gain and practice of oral presentation skills, the seminars will provide an overview of the diversity of research at UAF. Students will gain a broad understanding of the significance process and impact of research as conducted across the wide range of scholarly disciplines represented on all the UAF campuses.   

Course goals: Students will gain and sharpen their critical thinking and presentation skills as well as learn about a variety of life science topics from the molecular to the organismal, to the population level. They will also sharpen their critical thinking and presentation skills.

Instructional methods: This course will comprise student-led presentations about current research topics at UAF.

Course readings/materials:

1.         Students may wish to refer to:

The Craft of Scientific Presentations: critical steps to succeed and critical errors to avoid

by Michael Alley 2003 Springer

for instruction on preparing and making scientific presentations

2.         Occasionally, journal articles resulting from UAF research may be presented, and students will be emailed a pdf copy of the article prior to the presentation.

Grading: This is a Pass/Fail course. A passing grade will be based on active participation in the seminars. 50% of the grade will be based on attendance to the seminar. Students must make one formal presentation on their own research and this will contribute toward 50% of the final grade. Students will receive a failing grade if they do not attend 75% of the seminars OR if they do not make a presentation.


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