Project Opportunities


Summer Research Program Opportunity

The UAF REU program allows undergraduate students to enrich their mathematical foundation through research. This eight-week long summer program strives to take in-school studies and apply them to real world aspects, creating a bridge from the classroom to everyday occurrences. Students within the program are encouraged to work with one another sharing their knowledge and learning together.

For more information, contact Project Leader Dr. Alexei Rybkin by email at

Remote sensing and environmental science

Undergraduate Research Assistant Wanted

The lidar research program at the Geophysical Institute,, has an undergraduate research assistantship available for a student at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. The undergraduate research assistant will make lidar (laser radar) observations at the Lidar Research Laboratory at Poker Flat Research Range (LRL-PFRR) as part of a team of student and faculty researchers. These measurements are conducted in the evening and nighttime at LRL-PFRR. Transportation is provided. The position provides hands-on experience in laser science and engineering, remote sensing, and environmental sciences.

For more information, contact Project Leader Dr. Richard Collins by email at

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