1992 award recipients


Dr. Gary Gislason

Dr. Gislason's teaching and research in the area of mathematical sciences has inspired University of Alaska Fairbanks students for twenty-two years, his innovative teaching style has given his students an expanded appreciation of the potential of mathematics in our changing world, and his mentoring guided the University's first two Doctor of Philosophy students in mathematical sciences. In recognizing the importance of providing students far from Fairbanks with the opportunity to learn about the concepts and applications of mathematics, Dr. Gislason has attracted funding for a grant for distance education equipment, has taught mathematics in Barrow at the Arctic Sivunmun Ilisagvik College, and continues to offer distance education courses through the University.


Dr. Keith Van Cleve

Dr. Van Cleve's research of the Taiga forests of interior Alaska has resulted in a better understanding of the taiga forest ecosystem, contributing to the establishment and success of the Long Term Ecological Research program site located at the Bonanza Creek Experimental Forest, considered one of the premier programs in ecosystem research in the United States. Dr. Van Cleve has earned the respect of his colleagues, friends and students, is recognized as a distinguished scientist nationally and internationally in the field of forest soils and forest ecology, and has demonstrated his ability to conduct world class research while mentoring and strengthening the abilities and talents of younger scientists.


Mr. Wayne Vandre

Mr. Vandre has benefited thousands of Alaskans with the creation of the Alaska Master Gardener Program of the Cooperative Extension Service in 1978, which is taught in most major communities, has been adapted into a correspondence course, has trained hundreds of volunteer educators and provides important horticultural information to tens of thousands of residents. By establishing the Integrated Pest Management and Pest Scout Program, Mr. Vandre has helped save thousands of dollars, had a significant impact on the quality of life in Alaska and reduced the dependence and impact of pesticides on the environment; this program reaches thousands of growers, landowners and homeowners each year with vital information on pests and pest management.

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