1994 award recipients


Dr. Terrence M. Cole

Dr. Cole's boundless enthusiasm for history and its essential relationship to our lives today inspires the undergraduate and graduate students he teaches at UAF. His dedication to the field has resulted in numerous articles, monographs and books on a wide range of historical subjects, demonstrating to his students the importance of a rigorous approach to research and publication. Dr. Cole makes himself readily available to students and faculty and encourages active participation in classroom discussions and strong writing skills, which he has himself practiced as author, editor and historian.


Dr. Lou-Chuang Lee

Dr. Lee's pioneering contributions to the fields of space physics, plasma physics and astrophysics are highly respected nationally and internationally. As one of the foremost theoreticians in space physics at the UAF Geophysical Institute, Dr. Lee is currently producing theoretical and simulation studies involving the aurora, solar wind magnetosphere-ionosphere interaction, solar flares and sunspot formation. He is a dedicated, well-respected and very active teacher, teaching a wide range of courses, guiding a large number of graduate students and still maintaining a very rigorous, highly productive and well-respected publication record.


Mr. Douglas L. Schamel

Mr. Schamel's public service leadership in the area of science has inspired students and many others in the Fairbanks community to become more involved in scientific endeavors such as the District Science Fair and the Alaska Statewide High School Science Symposium which he co-founded. His enthusiastic leadership among elementary schoolteachers has provided science training and has helped transform two local schools into showcase science programs. Mr. Schamel believes in the importance of getting university students involved in the community and is himself overseeing the development of the Fairbanks Science Center. He is involving many of his students in this effort, among other community projects.

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