1995 award recipients


Dr. Mark W. Oswood

Dr. Oswood has been teaching at the University of Alaska Fairbanks since 1977 and is considered by faculty and students to be one of the finest teachers on campus because of his exceptional ability to communicate to students irrespective of their background. As a professor in the Department of Biology and Wildlife, Dr. Oswood has directed one of the most productive graduate student programs at UAF. Dr. Oswood was central in the development of the new core curriculum and organized the group "Friends of 100 Series Courses" that works to ensure core courses of the Department of Biology and Wildlife remain top quality.


Dr. John P. Bryant

Dr. Bryant's pioneering research in the fields of chemical ecology and plant-animal interactions is highly respected nationally and internationally. His models are widely used in several fields including agronomy, agroforestry, range science, animal husbandry, the drug industry and medical professions. Dr. Bryant's enthusiasm and leadership at the Institute of Arctic Biology continues to build the University's reputation for excellence in ecosystem ecology which has been instrumental in the recruitment of new faculty and graduate students. Dr. Bryant has been a Fulbright Research Fellow, maintains a highly respected and prolific publication record, facilitates numerous collaborative research programs and is much sought after as a lecturer at worldwide conferences and universities, all while teaching a wide range of courses and advising a large number of graduate students.


Dr. John D. Aspnes

Dr. Aspnes has completed numerous public service projects in the electrical utility industry, including workshops and presentations to various national and international electric utilities engineers and committees. He is an internationally recognized expert in cold regions power engineering. Dr. Aspnes has contributed significantly to the community’s musical life through the Arctic Chamber Orchestra, the Fairbanks Symphony Association and Alaska Brass. As a certified search and rescue dog handler, he is extensively involved in the Personnel Available for Wilderness Search (PAWS) and Wilderness Search and Rescue organizations.

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