1996 award recipients


Professor Peggy Shumaker

Professor Shumaker’s teaching, and her intense love of learning about a wide array of subjects, have inspired many students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, and she offers to her students and colleagues an exceptional example of lifelong learning. As a poet, Professor Shumaker shares her talents and skills with those around her, and by doing so has created a community of learning and creativity that extends beyond the students in her classes and under her tutelage. Professor Shumaker's generosity compels her to give not only within the confines of her craft, but to the University and Fairbanks community as well.


Dr. Wilford F. Weeks

Dr. Weeks has a long and distinguished career as an arctic scientist and is one of the world's most respected researchers on the topic of sea ice. His research has been widely studied internationally and he has made significant contributions to environmental safeguards for offshore drilling, among other marine issues. Dr. Weeks' work as Chief Scientist for the Alaska Synthetic Aperture Radar Facility moved the Geophysical Institute into environmental satellite-based research.


Dr. William S. Schneider

Dr. Schneider's expertise in, and dedication to, the UAF Oral History Program, Alaskan citizens, especially Native Alaskans, have had the opportunity to leave a permanent record of how their lives, activities and cultural heritages have shaped Alaska. His development of Project Jukebox has allowed communities throughout Alaska to develop, with his assistance and the assistance of the student interns who work alongside him, an enormous resource of information about their villages, people and environment, a resource also used by the National Park Service. Dr. Schneider's love of story, and his respect for the telling of it, make him an important contributor to the University's role as historian.

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