1997 award recipients


Dr. F. Lawrence Bennett

Dr. Bennett guided the development of the Engineering and Science Management Program since 1968, during which time he has mentored almost 200 graduate students to successful completion of their studies. Dr. Bennett has earned the respect and admiration of his students for his superb organization, extremely well-planned lectures, and obvious concern for and attention to the needs of his students while carrying a heavy teaching load. Dr. Bennett has been a pioneer in the development of distance delivery of education within Alaska and across the U.S. through the National Technological University.


Dr. Davis D. Sentman and Dr. Eugene M. Wescott

The collaborative research of Dr. Sentman and Dr. Wescott has made significant contributions to science through their observations, analyses and publications on atmospheric and space physics, especially investigations of optical flashes in the upper atmosphere known as Red Sprites and the discovery of Blue Jets, which have brought widespread recognition to UAF. Dr. Wescott has distinguished himself in geophysical research ranging from exploration geophysics for geothermal energy to space physics, and Dr. Sentman has had a distinguished career as a physicist and is a leading authority on atmospheric phenomena triggered by lightning. Dr. Sentman and Dr. Wescott's research has not only made unique contributions to the body of knowledge and to the understanding of these phenomena, their efforts have also inspired their students.


Professor Kesler E. Woodward

Professor Woodward has generously given of his considerable talents, skills, time and artwork to support and promote the arts at the University, in Fairbanks and in the state of Alaska. Professor Woodward has provided extraordinary service to UAF and the community through his work with myriad educational programs, the state arts council and projects to benefit the arts. Professor Woodward has made his expertise available to the broader public through his work with numerous museums and the resulting books, articles and exhibition catalogs which he has collaborated on or written.

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