1998 award recipients


Dr. Thomas P. Clausen

Dr. Clausen's passion for teaching is reflected by his ability to motivate his students to fully appreciate the complexities of organic chemistry. He is also distinguished by his research into the chemical interactions between plants and animals, a field in which he is considered a leader. Dr. Clausen has further served the community and the University by co-founding UAF's Science Potpourri and by securing grants for equipment to enhance the student experience, such as the $200,000 National Science Foundation-funded magnetic resonance spectrometer.


Dr. R. Terry Bowyer

Through his research, Dr. Bowyer has made significant contributions to the field of wildlife behavior and mammalian ecology. His pioneering work in the area of sexual segregation of large mammals and in the area of environmental factors affecting wildlife reproduction has proven essential to the basic understanding and management of wildlife resources. His research of river otters in Prince William Sound following the Exxon Valdez  oil spill produced breakthroughs in the assessment of the environmental health of other wildlife species. Dr. Bowyer strongly believes that educating students is as important to the future of scientific research as are new discoveries, and he involves his students in much of his research and publications of major findings.


Dr. Theodore DeCorso

Dr. DeCorso's numerous contributions to the arts in the Fairbanks area are significant and lasting, and his devotion to promoting the importance of the arts to the University, to the community and to the State of Alaska was recognized by the State's highest official with the 1998 Governor's Award for the Arts. His position as music department head at the University, along with his service as student adviser, teacher and mentor, and his directorial role of the Summer Fine Arts Camp since 1979, demonstrate his dedication to sharing the beauty of the arts with students of all ages. Dr. DeCorso's efforts have connected the public to quality music and to the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

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