1999 award recipients


Dr. Richard L. Benner

Dr. Benner has dedicated himself to excellence in teaching; he provides undergraduate students with individual instruction, exemplary classroom teaching and invaluable laboratory experience. He has mentored graduate students, including them in his research projects and as co-authors in his publications. Dr. Benner played a key role in overhauling the Atmospheric Science graduate program, enabling students to better integrate their chemistry studies into this fast-growing field. Dr. Benner has invested many hours in visiting local classes, making his expertise in science and air pollution topics available to primary and secondary school students, and has been featured as a speaker many times as he continually seeks to educate Alaskans about his field.


Dr. Glenn E. Shaw

Dr. Shaw has dedicated himself to the discovery and understanding of the Arctic Haze phenomenon, and has spent a large part of his career assessing its human health and climatic impacts. He has been recognized internationally as a leader in his field, has testified before Congressional committees on global climate change, and has served as an Institutional Trustee for the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research and on the U.S. Polar Research Board. Dr. Shaw is highly published, holds two patents, and, with the help of his students, developed an instrument to better measure cloud condensation nuclei, and played an instrumental role in UAF's new International Arctic Research Center.


Ms. Cecilia Rose Ulroan Martz

Ms. Martz is internationally known for her contributions to cross-cultural education, Alaska Native studies, and the teaching of the Yup'ik and Cup'ik languages, and has shared her extensive knowledge through numerous presentations and courses. She has served on countless committees and boards, as an Extended Team Member for the Smithsonian Institution and as a member of the Canadian/Alaskan Indian Teacher Education Program Steering Committee, and has served the University as student advisor and as trusted advisor to her colleagues. Ms. Martz's service to the Foster Care program, the Fetal Alcohol Effects Task Force, and the Anchorage Museum of History and Fine Art, has touched the lives of people throughout the world.

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