2000 award recipients


Mr. John Bruder

Mr. Bruder has set a standard for excellence in teaching, particularly through distance delivery to rural Alaska students. His deep knowledge and obvious passion for mathematics, and his belief in putting "students first" have enabled him to motivate and educate with great success. Mathematics is a subject that relies heavily on visual aids. Mr. Bruder has invested many hours developing distance delivery methods to ensure that these visual challenges are met and the subject matter is taught effectively and with enthusiasm. His teaching has extended to local high school students and has fostered a sizeable increase in college attendance among them. Mr. Bruder is highly regarded as a caring and outstanding teacher by students, colleagues and community members alike.


Dr. Terry Chapin

Because of his extensive research in plant physiological ecology, and his significant and major contributions to research on global change, Dr. Chapin has garnered a reputation as one of the top ecosystem ecologists in the world. He has one of the highest publication records at the university, and possesses the ability to share his methods and findings with a multitude of audiences. He's also noted for his cross-disciplinary accomplishments. Dr. Chapin leads the research efforts of the Bonanza Creek Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) Program and serves on numerous committees and editorial boards around the globe. He's an award-winning researcher who still makes time to work with students, including undergraduate, graduate, doctoral candidates and postdoctoral fellows.


Dr. Jenifer Huang McBeath

Dr. McBeath is highly recognized and respected for her contributions to Alaska's agricultural community. Her devoted work in plant pathology and entomology has fostered a notable improvement to the quality of seed potatoes in Alaska. Because of her background in Oriental culture and customs, Dr. McBeath single-handedly cultivated new and promising Pacific Rim export markets for Alaska's potato and carrot growers, a task usually handled by state bureaucratic agencies. Her service to UAF and the community extends far beyond the laboratory into local greenhouses, garden clubs and the general public, where she often assists individuals in finding remedies for diseased and pest-infested flowers and produce.

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