2001 award recipients


Mr. Charles N. Dexter

Applied business and accounting professor Charlie Dexter is an extraordinary example of what a teacher should be. He has been an educator and mentor to literally hundreds of students, fellow faculty members, local business leaders and community members across the state of Alaska. Through his persistent efforts to freshen current courses and create new ones based on the most up-to-date information available, Mr. Dexter has demonstrated a rare and treasured commitment to providing quality and applicable instruction to his students. He has been praised highly and consistently for his expertise and enthusiasm as a teacher. His passion for business education extends beyond the classroom into professional development training, a role for which he is repeatedly sought after by the most prominent businesses and organizations in Fairbanks.


Dr. Claus-M. Naske

Claus Naske, through his extensive research and published works documenting Alaska’s historical and political development, has garnered a reputation as one of the state’s most prominent historians. He has provided a foundation for classroom instruction on Alaska’s history, both within the state and beyond its borders. Dr. Naske, a distinguished alumnus and emeritus of the institution, has captured respect and attention on local, state, federal and international levels with regard to his expertise on numerous topics within the realm of Alaska’s history, from its position as a Russian outpost to a U.S. territory and ultimately statehood. Through his service as executive director for the University of Alaska Press, Dr. Naske has supported the research and publication efforts of many others at the institution and has led the organization to a position of dominance among publishers of books on the Circumpolar North.


Dr. Robert F. Carlson

Bob Carlson is highly recognized and respected by his students as an educator of the highest caliber. Through his rare and treasured open-door policy and his dedication to ensuring that his students are well-equipped with the knowledge they need for academic, professional and thus personal fulfillment, he has become known as a champion for student achievement. Dr. Carlson has humbly exceeded his duties as a faculty member and has routinely used his expertise in engineering to promote the advancement and betterment of human welfare to an array of audiences. Among other things, Dr. Carlson was instrumental in founding UAF’s annual Engineering Week and continues to take a lead role in its coordination. He has also been an active participant with several professional organizations. Dr. Carlson’s broad and exemplary service to the community has included extensive volunteer efforts for area youth, athletic and church programs, for which his engineering skills and his passion for public service have been integral components for success.

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