2002 award recipients

2002 Usibelli winners
The 2002 Usibelli Award winners from left to right: Larry Duffy, Marty Getz and Jim Douglas.


Instructor Martin P. Getz

Instructor Martin P. Getz believes that teaching comprises an exchange of information between teacher and student, rather than a simple recitation of facts. He has dedicated his career to seeking out new and effective ways of communicating the concepts of mathematics to his students and is greatly respected and admired for his knowledge of the subject, his respect for his students and his concern for their education. Getz constantly strives to identify and practice new methods of explanation and instruction that enhance his students' understanding of mathematics from a historical perspective to its practical application. Instructor Getz's commitment to education extends to himself as he challenges his own talents as a mathematician through the co-solving of proposed problems, five of which have been published in Mathematics magazine.


Dr. Lawrence K. Duffy

Dr. Lawrence K. Duffy has served the University of Alaska Fairbanks with distinction in his multiple roles as teacher, faculty mentor, researcher and administrator, and has provided tremendous learning opportunities to graduate students participating in his extensive interdisciplinary research. His 30 years in research have brought extreme distinction to the University through his work in brain aging, toxicology and environmental science, for which he received recognition from the Alzheimer’s Association, which helped lay groundwork for neuroscience research at UAF. Dr. Duffy has secured more than $10 million in funding from outside sources during his career and has expanded his research into areas of particular importance to Alaskans, including both human and wildlife environmental health studies, whose findings enhance our ability to manage and protect our human and natural resources.


Professor Jim R. Douglas

Professor Jim R. Douglas, in his role as University of Alaska Fairbanks Cooperative Extension Service agent, has been described as a "leader, role model and advocate for young people"during his 18-year career with CES. He has worked diligently to fulfill the University’s mission as a Land Grant institution by promoting the ties between the University and 4-H, at the same time providing a vital educational opportunity for 4-H teens to be involved in the public policy process through the UAF for Youth Campaign. Professor Douglas further extends his service to Alaskans as the Community Resource Development and Horticulture Agent, offering to non-profit groups courses in volunteer management and board training, thereby encouraging and empowering citizens to contribute to their communities in effective and innovative ways.

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