2003 award recipients


Dr. Rainer Newberry

Professor Rainer Newberry brings great enthusiasm and creativity to his courses, paying special attention to the unique talents and interests of each class and tailoring his topics and teaching methods to meet their needs. His dedication was recognized by the Council for Advancement and Support of Education as the Alaska Professor of the Year for 1992. Newberry's pursuit of educational excellence and his dynamic approach to his students and to the art of teaching are a great source of inspiration to many of his admiring colleagues. He has served as teacher, advisor and mentor to countless graduate and undergraduate students, many of whom have benefitted from his zeal and expertise to become productive and influential leaders in the field of geology.


Dr. Keith Echelmeyer

Professor Keith Echelmeyer is world-renowned for his significant work in glaciology, and has contributed to the establishment of the Geophysical Institute as one of the premier centers of glacier study in the world. He excels not only in traditional scientific methods but has also been an important innovator in developing new techniques that have advanced the science of glaciology, greatly enhancing our understanding of the interaction between glaciers and climate. Echelmeyer demonstrates a keen intellect and ability in the diversity of his research in theoretical developments, numerical analysis and observational methods, making significant contributions in all three areas. His skills as a pilot have vastly increased the range and scope of the university's research opportunities.


Dr. Kathleen Butler-Hopkins

Professor Kathleen Butler-Hopkins exemplifies the spirit of service to the university and the community through her selfless contributions of time, talent and expertise to more than a dozen music groups and organizations throughout Alaska. She has played a vital role in the musical development of many Alaska children and young people by volunteering as a teacher and mentor to many students who have appeared and performed at prestigious regional, national and international competitions and concerts. Butler-Hopkins' efforts to communicate her passion for music have returned ten-fold in the inspired performances of those students and ensembles with whom she has been associated, enhancing the prestige of the university and the acclaim for the Department of Music.

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