2005 award recipients


Dr. Dana Thomas

Dr. Thomas is well-known in the university and Fairbanks communities for his service, however his dedication in the classroom has been consistent throughout his 24-year teaching career. Whether Thomas is demystifying the complex world of statistics or bringing the theoretical to life, student opinions of his teaching abilities remain high from the undergraduate foundational courses to more complex graduate-level courses. In addition to serving on master's candidate committees, Thomas has been active with the graduate school and has shared his knowledge of statistics with students and departments across campus. He also helps develop middle and high school mathematics curriculum.


Dr. John Eichelberger

Dr. Eichelberger's research on active volcanoes such as Alaska's Katmai and Unzen volcano in Japan has led to paradigm shifts on the cause of chemically-zoned eruptions and why volcanoes sometimes erupt explosively and at other times produce lava flows. In July 2004, he and his team were able to successfully drill into the conduit of an active volcano, Unzen; the first time this had been done. His leadership of the Active Volcano Observatory (AVO) as the Coordinating Scientist has led to geophysical monitoring of 30 active volcanoes in Alaska making AVO first in the world for number of volcanoes under surveillance. He has published nearly 70 peer-reviewed papers including papers in the journals, Nature and Science. Eichelberger has linked his research to the teaching mission of the university. Under his leadership, AVO supports some 15 graduate students per year in volcano monitoring, research and education. He also founded an international volcanological summer field school that brings students from Russia, Japan and the U.S. together on active volcanoes in Alaska and Kamchatka, Russia.


Dr. Abel Bult-Ito

Dr. Bult-Ito is currently president of the UAF Faculty Senate and associate professor of biology with the Alaskan Basic Neuroscience Program. In the past five years, he has served on more than two dozen committees at the departmental, campus and statewide levels. He has worked tirelessly to facilitate effective communication between the Faculty Senate and university administration and played a leadership role in faculty involvement in performance-based budgeting. He has taken a leadership role in ensuring that UAF continues to be an equal opportunity employer and serves on the Chancellor's Campus Diversity Action Committee. His dedication is not limited to the university. He has served as an advisor for students participating in the Statewide High School Science Symposium and was recently reelected president of the Fairbanks Montessori School Board.

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