2006 award recipients


Dr. Kelly L. Drew

Regarded as an outstanding teacher and mentor of the highest caliber by both students and colleagues, Dr. Drew has been commended for her ability to recognize scientific aptitudes in students who may otherwise have chosen different careers and fields of study. Her insights and emotional support help students identify, clarify and pursue their academic and professional goals, and her care in nurturing the talents of her students fosters a collegial environment that emphasizes mutual respect and recognition of the many viewpoints, skills and interests of the individuals in her classrooms and laboratories.


Dr. Anthony J. Gharrett

Dr. Gharrett has devoted much of his investigations to aspects of Pacific hatcheries and fisheries that have direct and profound impact on the ability of Alaska biologists and resource managers to adequately and appropriately care for Alaska’s fisheries and marine resources. Students have benefited from their involvement in his frequently cited research projects, and his prolific publication and grant activities have made him a highly regarded leader in his field.


Mr. Peter Pinney

Professor Pinney works energetically to improve the social, economic and academic well-being of his students, colleagues and fellow citizens by contributing his time and expertise to a range of community and university programs and initiatives. He is also a highly respected teacher and award-winning advisor. He consistently and creatively seeks ways to establish new relationships or enhance existing ones among individuals, departments and organizations at the university, in Fairbanks and across Alaska.

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