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Student Activities- Upcoming Events

Springfest April 2014

The tradition of All Campus Day dates back to the late 1950's. The tradition is an inseparable mix of both "the day" and the events that go with that day. The earliest cited mention is in the 1958-1959 'A' Book. Listed as a day "...that classes are dismissed and the whole campus gets out..." for a variety of activities - recreational, social and service oriented. While the name has changed - All Campus Day has become Meltdown and now Springfest weekend; overriding the theme of the weekend has not changed at all. It is a day that our students use for rest and relaxation in a variety of ways. Like many traditions, Springfest has been woven into the fabric of UAF culture.

Fast Fact:
 The ever popular Mud Volleyball started as Mud Hockey in the late 1950's.

Fast Fact: Faculty asked for the all campus day to make sure students had the proper rest in order to get the best grade possible during finals.

SpringFest Event Schedule

*alternate locations

11:00 AM- Kick Off BBQ @ Wood Center Patio *Multilevel Lounge
1:05 PM Dance Off! @ Wood Center
1:40 PM Watermelon Drop @ Gruening
2:00 PM KSUA Freak Out @ Constitution Park
6:00 PM Warm Days Cool Nights Concert @ Wood Center Patio *Hess Rec
6:00 PM Lottanobooza @ Hess Rec
10:00 PM Ice Dodgeball @ Patty Ice

9:00 AM Springfest Service @ Wood Center
12:00 PM Mud Volleyball @ Nenana Lot *SRC
7:00 PM Game Night @ Wood Center
5:00 PM Karaoke @The Pub (21+)
10:00 PM Club Tropic Dance @ Hess Rec

11:00 AM Bouldering Comp @ SRC
1:00 PM Rugby Tournament @ Ash Field
1:00 PM Mustache Dash 2k Fun Run @ MBS
2:00 PM 9 Hole Disc Golf Tourney @ Hole #1 Near Reichardt Building
2:00 PM Field Day @ Beluga Field *SRC
9:00 PM The Super Saturated Sugar Strings @ The Pub (21+)
9:00 PM Movie Night: American Hustle

SpringFest Punch Card

Come and participate in 5 of 7 of SpringFest's main activities and get entered in a drawing to win one of many fabulous prizes! Punch cards will be distributed during the Kick Off BBQ in front of the Wood Center. Punch cards will be turned in and the drawing will be done at Field Day in Beluga Field.

Kick Off BBQ @ Wood Center Thursday 11AM

Warm Days Cool Nights @ Wood Center Patio Thursday 6PM

Lottanobooza @ Hess Rec Thursday 7PM

Ice Dodgeball @ Patty Ice Thursday 10PM

Springfest Service @ Wood Center Friday 9AM

Mud Volleyball @ Nenana Lot Friday 12 PM

Field Day @ Beluga Field Saturday 2PM

*Students must be present/actively participating in events to get their card punched.