Level One


Leading Yourself

The Level I certificate focuses on self-leadership. The focus is on helping students develop a better understanding of themselves, their strengths, their values and their most effective leadership styles.  



1)    Attend an enrollment workshop

2)    Participate in one (1) UAF Student Leadership Conference or Retreat Weekend

3)    Attend eight (8) Leadership Workshops/Events/Activity, choosing one (1) from each of the following categories and complete a reflection sheet on each workshop/event/activity attended

a.      Realistic Self Appraisal-Learn to articulate personal skills and abilities, acknowledge personal strengths and challenges and articulate rationale for personal behavior.  Gain comfort in seeking feedback from others and learning from past experiences.  

b.     Personal and Educational Goals-Learn to set, articulate and pursue individual goals.  Be able to articulate personal and educational goals and objectives.  Learn to use personal and educational goals to guide decisions.  

c.      Career Choices-Learn to articulate career choices based on assessment of interests, values, skills and abilities.  Learn to construct a resume and cover letter with clear job objectives and evidence of related knowledge, skills and accomplishments.  Understand the characteristics of a preferred work environment, better understand the world of work and successfully navigate a job search or application for advanced education.  

d.     Independence-Learn to take an in-depth look at self-reliant behaviors, learn more about functioning autonomously and effective time management.  

e.      Healthy Behavior-Learn to choose behaviors and environments that promote health and reduce risk.  Learn to exhibit behaviors that advance a healthy lifestyle and community.  Understand the relationship between health and wellness and accomplishing life long goals.  

f.      Enhanced Self Esteem-Learn to show self-respect and respect for others.  Learn to take action towards achievement of goals, takes reasonable risks, demonstrates assertive behavior.  

g.      Intellectual Growth-Learn to express appreciation for literature, the fine arts, mathematics, sciences and social sciences outside of the classroom.  

h.     Satisfying and Productive Lifestyles-Learn to achieve balance between education, work and leisure time.  Learn to overcome obstacles that hamper goal achievement and function on the basis of personal identity, ethical, spiritual and moral values.  

4)    Complete eight (8) hours of community engagement/volunteer hours and complete a reflection process

5)    Complete leadership feedback form with mentor/advisor

Meet with UAF Director of Student leadership Development upon completing the Level I Certificate

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