Level Two

Leading Others and Groups

The Level II certificate builds upon the basic experience gained from completing the Level I certificate program.   Level II will enhance students’ abilities to lead others and groups by focusing on interpersonal relationships and the skills necessary to lead from the front.  


1)    Complete Level I Leadership Certificate requirements

2)    Meet with UAF Director of Student Leadership Development or designee three times; once upon beginning the Level II Certificate Program to establish a completion plan, once after completing half of the Level II requirements and once upon completion of the certificate requirements

1)    Attend six (6) Leadership Workshops/Events/Activites, selecting one from each of the following components and complete a reflection sheet on each workshop/event/activity attended

a.      Effective Communication-Increase your ability to write, speak and listen effectively.  Gain comfort making presentations or giving performances.  

b.     Meaningful Interpersonal Relationships-Learn to develop and maintain satisfying inerpersonal relationships and establish mutually rewarding relationships with friends and colleagues.  Learn to listen to and consider others' pont of view and treat others with respect. 

c.      Collaboration-Learn to seek the involvement and feedback of others.  Increase your understanding of working cooperatively with others.  Learn to contribute to achievement of a group goal.  

d.     Appreciating Diversity-Learn to articulate the advantages and challenges of a diverse society and seek involvement with people different from oneself.  Develop an understanding of the impact of diversity on society.  Understand ones own identity and culture.  

e.      Leadership Development-Deepen the understanding that leadership is a process rather than a position and acknowledge that leadership is relational and everyone has a leadership capacity.  Recognize the ethical components of leadership and analyze the contexts that influence the leadership process. 

f.      Common Purpose-Learn to facilitate a group's ability to engage in collective analysis of the issue at hand and the tasks to be undertaken.  


3)    Actively participate in a campus (or community) club, organization, team, department, etc. of your choice for a minimum of two consecutive semesters.  

4)    Complete eight (8) hours of community engagement/volunteer hours (in addition to those completed for Level I certificate) and complete a reflection process

5)    Complete Leadership Feedback form with mentor/advisor.  

6)    Meet with UAF Director of Student leadership Development upon completion.

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