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Leadership Development

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Leadership Lunches

Twice a month the LIVE Office hosts a local leader to speak to students about their experiences with leadership. This is a great opportunity for students to not only grow in their leadership abilities but also to build personal connections with local Fairbanks leaders. Such networking can open many doors both personal and career wise. 

We are always looking for new and exciting speakers! Have someone in mind? Send us their name and we'll do the rest, at

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Leadership Workshops:

As part of the LIVE program's continuing Leadership Workshop Series we are proud to present leadership workshops to assist leadership development for club officers and personal growth of the entire student body.

These workshop will count towards your COLD Leadership certificate. Not signed up for COLD? Find more about it online here

We offer a number of opportunities for emerging to experienced leaders to expand their leadership toolboxes; join us for our annual UAF Leadership Conference or participate in one of our monthly leadership development activities where you will have the opportunity to interact with campus and community leaders and reflect on your own leadership experiences.

For more Leadership Development events going on around Campus, visit the:

Leadership Development Mission Statement

The mission of the LIVE Program is to cultivate effective leaders for Alaska by creating and supporting a rich variety of student leadership development opportunities, partnering with academic departments and the community, and recognizing successful student leadership.