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Leadership Conferences

Click here for online registration!
Click here for online registration!

UAF Leadership Conference

Becoming a Lifelong Leader

October 25th, 2014 from 9a-4p at UAF Wood Center.

This year’s conference is titled “Becoming a Lifelong Leader”. It is based on the social change model of leadership: that in order to be a successful leader you must operate in three different spheres of life: the individual, the group and society. Our conference is based on this model, providing workshops that focus on each sphere and address the characteristics of the sphere. The workshops will be lead by community professionals to provide not only an experienced presenter but also give the you the opportunity to network with these community members during the lunch break table topics. 

$10 registration fee

Turn in the registration form and your fee to the LIVE Office by no later that Oct 23.

You can download the form below or complete it online by clicking the image above!

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Conference Agenda:

9-945a – Registration/breakfast buffet

945-10a - Introduction of Social Change Model

10-1045a – Advocacy – Marylee Bates

1045-1130a – Citizenship – Lt. Ronald Wall

1130-1215p – Workplace Leadership – Keli Hites McGee

1215-1p – Leadership & Volunteering – Jason Kempthorne

1-2p – Lunch/Table Topics

2-245p – Personal Leadership – Terri Babers 

245-330p – Leadership Wellness - Kaydee Miller

330-4p – Conference Wrap-Up

Society Sphere Presenters:


Marylee Bates, Executive Director of Fairbanks Youth Advocates

I am devoted  to carrying out the mission of Fairbanks Youth Advocates and passionate and knowledgeable about youth homelessness issues.  I became aware of the issues surrounding students who drop out during my tenure as a Fairbanks North Star Borough teacher. Though I was on track to participate in principalships in the local school district, I felt driven to know more about the risks and barriers that kept teens from graduating. 

I began volunteering at Fairbanks Counseling and Adoption’s street outreach program. This experience brought me face to face with the issues of youth homelessness; stories of real youth in dire situations, often running away from family conflict and lacking safe shelter. I realized if housing is not stable, staying in school is near impossible.  I shared the stories I had heard with Fairbanks Youth Advocates Board of Directors and organized a Youth Focus Group to look into gaps in services in our community for this vulnerable population. 

In 2010, the governing Board of Directors solidified their mission:  Facilitating life transitions for at-risk and vulnerable youth.  This provided a canopy of service opportunities, but room to hone in on gap needs like emergency shelter. Early in 2011, in conversation with other youth service providers also frustrated by the lack of emergency shelter for young people, I felt that enough stories had been told.  Other agencies in the community were doing what they could to support this vulnerable population; the time was right for Fairbanks Youth Advocates to be part of the solution to youth homelessness.


Lt. Ronald Wall, Deputy Detachment Commander Alaska State Troopers

I was raised in the Fairbanks area graduating from North Pole High School.  In 1989 I received a BA in Justice from UAF and was hired by the Alaska State Troopers in 1990.  I returned to Fairbanks for several years working patrol, K9 and investigations prior to transferring around the State.  After several assignments I returned to Fairbanks and worked as a patrol Sergeant, Investigations Supervisor, Drug Unit Supervisor, Rural Supervisor and most recently the Deputy Detachment Commander in Fairbanks. Other collateral duties include a being the Team Leader for the Northern Special Emergency Reaction Team.   In 2009 I graduated from Northwestern University School of Staff and Command.  I own a millwork business and I am currently taking graduate courses from UAF seeking a MA in Justice Administration. I am also a coordinator for the AST Citizen's Academy here in Fairbanks.

Group Sphere Presenters:

Volunteering as a Vehicle for Leadership Growth

Jason Kempthorne, Executive Director for LOVE Inc of Fairbanks
have worked with kids and teens throughout my career. In church ministry I have had to wear many hats from fundraiser to program coordinator, counselor, therapist, and friend. I enjoy being able to manage volunteers and work to develop lasting relationships with all my volunteers and youth throughout the years.

Leadership in the Workplace

Keli Hites McGee - Executive Coach/Consultant, M.A. Professional Communication

Keli Hite McGee founded Hites Consulting, Inc. out of Alaska in 2002.  She has a Masters in Professional Communication from the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF). Keli provides executive coaching and consulting to leadership teams training them to increase employee productivity and accountability. She enjoys writing a business column in the Fairbanks Daily News-miner. 

Individual Sphere Presenters:

Personal Leadership

Terri Babers - Positive Changes Coach

I call myself and this website Positive-Changes-Coach because as a Leadership and Life Coach, I work with people who want to make a difference in the world. They are motivated to move in positive ways through changes and transitions in their life. With coaching help, people can lead themselves to make those changes in their lives more easily, with a greater sense of well-being, and fulfillment.

Creating Whitespace for Creative Growth

Kaydee Miller - Assistant Director of Wellness

Kaydee is responsible for the programming of the SRC; Intramurals, Personal Training, Group Fitness, Youth Day Camps as well as anything involving wellness programs for students.