Fall 13

This retreat was a combination of 20 students and six facilitators who travelled down to Wasilla, AK for a weekend workshop. The retreat centered around five workshops developed for new leaders to hone their skills; effective communication, self strengths, delegation, team building, conflict management and passion. The unique aspect of this retreat was that the workshops were facilitated by senior UAF students and attended by students from UAA's Mat-su and Anchorage campuses.

The Presenters:

Effective Communication - Mamie Davis, Justice/Spanish major

Self Strength - Cara Hollingsworth, LIVE Program Director

Delegation - Lauren Ramirez, History major

Team Building - Josh Hovis, Student Org Coordinator

Conflict Management - Chris Piech, Accounting major

Passion - Christine DeLeon, Anthropology major

Emerging Leaders Retreat Attendees
Conflict management seminar with Chris Piech
Delegation activity with Lauren Ramirez
Team building competition with Josh Hovis
Passion seminar group hug lead by Kristine DeLeon
Bonfire Finale!
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