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NonTraditional Students Organization (NTSO)

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Non-Traditonal Students Organization (NTSO)

Student Organization Description:
The Non-Traditional Students Organization (NTSO) is a support group for UAF undergrads and graduate students who define themselves as non-traditional, including (but not limited to): older students, students supporting themselves and their families, and students returning to school to complete their college education. Goals: to define and address the unique challenges of the non-traditional student to provide support and resources for non-traditional UAF students to raise awareness about the non-traditional student body UAF to help the Fairbanks community to embrace and enjoy life in Alaska! Some of our proposed activities include: informal meetings, ballroom dancing lessons, outdoor trips, fundraising for the creation of a small scholarship for new non-traditional students, outdoor activities, and community involvement/volunteering.

Student Organization Email:

Student Organization Meeting Time: 4:30 PM Friday

Student Organization Meeting Location: 503 Gruening

The Inu-Yupiaq Dance Group invites audience members to join them in a traditional dance at the 2009 SOAR Awards Ceremony.