Student Organizations

Student Organization Recognition for all returning clubs is due October 1st. 

Returning student organizations are required to submit registration on OrgSync by 5 p.m. on October 1st to maintain their recognition status. 

OrgSync is an online community platform for UAF that helps your organization create and mange events and meetings, connect with social media, improves information sharing, minimizes paper usage, build and maintain an organization website, tracks co-curricular involvement, and connect and engage with the populations you serve. 


What is required to maintain recognition? 

  1. Sign in to OrgSync
    Need help? Use this sign in guide 
  2. Update your organization's profile
  3. One member must attend one Officer Training 
    all trainings are identical, there are four sessions offered
  4. Complete an account signers form
    (if your club has a financial account)


Apply on OrgSync for your club special project funds.

If you need access to the old student organizations database please CLICK HERE TO LOG IN (UA LEAD) to access your organization's information. This database will no longer be used, any changes to your organization's account will not effect your recognition status. 

If you can't log in to the database contact the Student Organizations office to be added as a user for your organizations--send your UA username (same as your UA email address) to: or call us at 474-1959.

2015 Club and Involvement Fair

  • /woodcenter/leadership/organizations/Arial-Arts-Scaled.png
  • /woodcenter/leadership/organizations/APO-Scaled.png
  • /woodcenter/leadership/organizations/Fencing-Club-Scaled.png
  • /woodcenter/leadership/organizations/Festival-of-Native-Arts-Scaled.png
  • /woodcenter/leadership/organizations/H.A.P.P.Y.-Scaled.png
  • /woodcenter/leadership/organizations/Namaste-India-Scaled.png

Club Storage Sign-in

This is our temporary sign in sheet to keep everything in order in the new and developing Student Organizations Conference Room located in Wood Center. There is limited space so, pending availability, a club may use half of a cubby for storage. 



Account Signer Quiz 

Click the image to start the account signers quiz

All students registering to be an account signer for their organization must complete two steps:

1. Complete the Account Signer Assessment 

2. Be listed in the "Officer" group of your student organization.  

Students can find relevant financial information for their organizations below. 

Student Organizations Fiscal Information

Student Organization Procard (credit card) Policy

Student Organization Gift Card Policy

Student Organization Travel Brochure


Please Note:

The authorized use of university space by an organization does not imply endorsement by the university of the organization, or its views, goals or objectives.  Rather, it reflects the university's commitment to a campus environment supportive of free expression through reasoned discourse, or, in some cases, merely a rental of space at standard rates.

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