Washington, D.C. 2008

Washington, D.C. (YSOP- Youth Service Opportunities Project)

What: Travel to Washington , D.C. to broaden the perspective on hunger and homelessness issues.

When:  March 10-14, 2008

Why: More than 16,000 people in Washington , D.C. are homeless during the course of one year. In addition, Washington , D.C. has the widest income gap between rich and poor of any city in the country; the poorest fifth of D.C. residents earn an average of $6,126 a year, while the richest fifth earn an average of 31 times that much at $186,830.

Who:  12 students, 2 team leaders and one staff member from UAF
        Team leaders:

            Kari Pile is a Junior studying Construction Management and Sociology from North Pole, Ak
            Kassi MacDonald is a sophomore studying Nursing from Fairbanks, Alaska
        The Team:             
            Mariah Acton is a Junior studying Political Science from Vancouver , Washington
            Gregory Bringhurst is a Senior studying Business Management from Fairbanks , Alaska    
            Kimrah Brotherson is a Junior studying Broadcast Journalism/Business Management from St. Croix, Virgin Islands
            Courtney Carroll is a Senior studying Politcal Science from Fairbanks , Alaska           
            Ashton Compton is a Sophomore studying Political Science from Fairbanks , Alaska
            Jasmine Davis is a Freshman studying Biology/Pre-Dentistry from Tuscaloosa , Alabama
            Regina Davis is a Junior studying Political Science from Jacksonville , Florida
            Ryan Keele is a Senior pursuing a Bachelor’s of Applied Science from Fairbanks , Alaska
            Jordan Lewis is a Graduate student pursuing a PHD in rural health from Fairbanks , Alaska
            Brian Lyke is a Sophomore studying Journalism from Anchorage , Alaska
            Jenna Weisz is a Freshman studying Anthropology from Tok , Alaska

JJ Boggs is the UAF Leadership Development Coordinator

For more information contact: asb@uaf.edu
The team with Senator Murkowski
Kassi MacDonald, Greg Bringhurst, Brian Lyke and Mariah Acton working at St. Mary's Court Nursing Home
Anna Dale stirring apple sauce at S.O.M.E. (So Others Might Eat)
Ryan Keele after cleaning dishes at S.O.M.E.
Courtney Carroll cleaning at Christian Community Group Homes
JJ Boggs sweeping at Christian Community Group Homes
Mariah Acton at Christian Community Group Homes
Jenna Weisz mopping at Milestone Place
Courtney Carroll observing pictures and signatures of past YSOP Volunteers at Milestone Place
Kimrah Brotherson and Jasmine Davis chopping vegtables at D.C. Central Kitchen
Jenna Weisz stirring stew at D.C. Central Kitchen
Kimrah Brotherson, Courtney Carroll, Ryan Keele, Jasmine Davis, Ashton Compton and Kari Pile at Bread for the City
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