The Trip!!

ASB 2011 Team members

From left to right

(Back) Jared, Laura, Cara, Sarah, Yongho, and Katie

(Front) Seven, Erica, Haley, Shannon, Kelley, and Tay

Day 1: Fairbanks - Anchorage - Phoenix - Grand Junction - Moab: Travelled day

(Top) Dinner in Ted Steven Anchorage International Airport

((Middle) Lunch at Grand Junction after about 12 hours on the plane

(Bottom) Sunset in Moab, Utah

Day 2: Ken's Lake Campground: Removed invasive plant, planted new native grasses, and trail working day

(Top) First breakfast at Ken's Lake our hotel for a week

(Middle) The team compacted down the Russian thistle

(Bottom) The whole ASB team works to prevent flooding on the walking trail

Day 3: Arches National Park: Removed invasive plant, planted new native grasses, and build fences

(Left) A brief discussion about Arches National Park

(Middle) A team picture at the entrance of Arches National Park

(Right) Hike to Broken Arch

Day 4: Castle Valley: Planted new native grasses and removed Russian thistle

(Top) A roll of Russian thistle

(Middle) Jared Conrad takes a rest after hard work during lunch time

(Bottom) A native grass that we planted around Castle Velley

Day 5: Private property and another campground: Painted trees and removed invasive plants

(Top) The ladies (Haley, Kelley, and Shannon) were getting ready for a painting job

(Middle) Painted trees to prevent the beavers from damaging it

(Bottom) Cara packs down Russian thistle for removal

Day 6: Rafting in Colorado River: Fun day after four days of hard working

(Top) One of our team rafts with Shannon, Erica, and other students from Colorado State University (CSU)

(Middle) Our team on the beach after lunch break (Cara, Shannon, Erica, Kelley, Yongho, Jared, Sarah, Laura, Seven, Haley, and Tay)

(Bottom) Another raft with Jared, Yongho, Luara, Sarah, Seven, and students from CSU

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