Katie Peck

Katie Peck : grew up in Seward, Alaska. I grew up surrounded by mountains and staring out to sea. Needless to say, I grew up with a sense of adventure. It is not only adventure that draws me to the Alternative Spring Break trip to Moab, it is the opportunity to give back. With this trip I will not only be able to give back to the Colorado Plateau, but will be able to apply what I learn there and give back to my own community and perhaps others that I visit as well. I expect to learn more than just about the Plateau. There will be students from other colleges helping out on the project along with us and I look forward to making new friendships and gaining new perspectives and understandings. I also look forward to being a representative of Alaska and hope to share with the other students about the beauty and wonders that our state has so many of. I very much would like to go to Moab, Utah and participate in the Alternative Spring Break trip, but I can only do it with your help! Please adopt me!

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