Monthly Pub Calendar

October 2015

Week of September 28th

  • Thurs, October 1st: Banned Books Read-Out 6pm /   International Beer Tasting & Trivia 8pm
  • Fri, October 2nd: EGO Reading 3pm /   Emily Anderson & Channel 4 News Team 9pm
  • Sat, Sept 3rd: Chill Night

Week of October 5th:

  • Mon, October 5th: MNF: DET vs. SEA /  Game Night 7pm
  • Tue, October 6th: Pub Trivia 8:30pm
  • Wed, October 7th: Outdoor Nation Film Festival 7pm-9pm / Scavenger Hunt 9pm
  • Thurs, October 8th: Cassie Ramone w/ Opener Alisha Drumm 8pm
  • Fri, October 9th: Windfall Prophets w/ Opener Junkman's Choir 9pm
  • Sat, October 10th: Hannah Yoter Band 9pm

Week of October 12th:

  • Mon, October 12th: MNF: PITT vs SD
  • Tue, October 13th: Pub Trivia 8:30pm
  • Wed, October 14th: Outdoor Nation Movie Series Finale 7-9pm Big Giveaway!!!!!!!!!
  • Thur, October 15th: Throwback Thursday w/ Dan Firmin 8pm
  • Fri, October 16th: Pride Night w/ DJ Pika 9pm
  • Sat, October 17th: Drag Show 9pm

Week of October 19th:

  • Mon, October 19th: MNF: NYG vs PHI /   Game Night 7pm
  • Tue, October 20th: Pub Trivia 8:30pm 
  • Wed, October 21st: Scavenger Hunt 8:30pm
  • Thur, October 22nd: Kentucky Tundra 8pm
  • Fri, October 23rd: Shagg 9pm $2 student / $4 general cover
  • Sat, October 24th: PickUp Band(P.U.B.) League 9pm

Week of October 26th:

  • Mon, October 26th: MNF: BAL vs. ARI
  • Tue, October 27th: Pub Trivia 8:30pm
  • Wed, October 28th: TBD
  • Thurs, October 29th: Annie Where the Sun Don't Shine 8pm
  • Fri, October 30th: Scabies WorldWide, LLC / Count Baculum / Barcelona Boys Choir 9pm (Costume Contest Night 1) 9pm
  • Saturday, October 31st: DJ dj (Costume Contest Night 2) 9pm
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