Congratulations for choosing to conduct a raffle on campus. A raffle is an excellent way to raise funds for your club or organization. It does take some planning and coordination, so please read the following prior to starting a raffle:

  1. If you are planning to conduct a raffle you must contact Mark Oldmixon at Wood Center, mtoldmixon@alaska.edu or 474-6709.
  2. A raffle can take up to two weeks to set up, so please plan accordingly.
  3. The State of Alaska requires a separate account set up for all raffle activity. This is a separate account from your permanent club account that you currently use. THIS IS A MUST—THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS!
  4. You must fill out the Permit for Games and Chance & Skill, Form l. This form can be found below. You will be asked to prepare a budget, so be thinking about your target revenue, how many tickets you would like to sell and what your expenses will be (printing raffle tickets, accounting fee, prizes, etc.).
  5. Prizes: Before you go out and solicit for prizes, please check in with the Leadership Office. All prizes collected for the raffle must be owned by the club or organization. You will need to fill out the Prize List(s), Form 2 and or 3. Form 2 is for prizes UNDER $600 and Form 3 is for prizes OVER $600. This form can be found on the line below. You must know the retail value of the prize and if the prize will be donated or purchased (a prize that is purchased will be considered an expense against the raffle—a donated one will not). Raffle Tickets: You will need to design your raffle tickets. Ticket stubs cannot be used.
    There are a couple of departments on campus such as Wood Center Graphics or OIT. The following information must be on the raffle tickets:
    1. Serially numbered
    2. Display organization's name, permit number (which will be given to you when the raffle is approved) and a list of all prizes.
    3. The date, time, and the location of the drawing.
    4. Stubs must have a matching ticket number.
    5. Pre-printed spaces for the name, address, phone number of the ticket purchaser and the permit number.

Approval: To get your raffle approved, you must turn in Form 1, a sample of the raffle ticket and the prize list(s). Once these documents are turned in, you will be contacted when the raffle is approved. At this time, you can print your tickets. Once the raffle is approved, you cannot add additional prizes.

  1. Two weeks after the raffle, you must submit your Program Report, Form 4, along with deposit slips, receipts and the form(s) that have the winner's information. This form can be found on the line below. Any paperwork that is incomplete will be returned. You cannot receive your raffle funds until the paperwork is submitted and approved.
  2. When all of this has submitted and reviewed, a journal voucher will be done to transfer any net proceeds to the permanent club account.

Other Helpful Tips: 

  • A raffle requires that someone, the treasurer, have a good handle on who's selling the tickets, how the money is deposited and to collect and save the receipts.
  • Raffle tickets can be sold one on one, however, if you would like to sell raffle tickets in a public space, like SAM'S, you must check out a raffle permit. This must be displayed while selling tickets. You must also have a copy of the raffle permit on hand when conducting the drawing.
  • On the day of the drawing, you will be asked to collect names, addresses, and social security numbers or UA ID from the winners. Please make sure they know this. If they do not want to give you this information, they may not collect the prize. It might be helpful to identify one person from your club to help with this.

Quick and Dirty Raffle Checklist: 

  • Contact Mark Oldmixon prior to starting a raffle.
  • Fill out Permit for Games of Chance & Skill, Form 1.
  • Fill out the Prize List(s), Form 2 and or 3.
  • Design raffle ticket.
  • Submit Form 1, 2 and 3 if needed, and sample raffle ticket to Mark Oldmixon.
  • Once raffle is approved, you are clear to order tickets.
  • Reserve a copy of the raffle permit if you are selling tickets in a public area.
  • Reserve a copy of the raffle permit for the day of the drawing.
  • Within two weeks after the drawing, turn in the Program Report, Form 4 along with deposit slips, receipts and the form(s) that have the winner's information.
  • When the raffle is reconciled and approved, an internal journal voucher will be completed and you can expect to see the raffle proceeds in approximately 2-4 weeks.


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